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  • Its Website Authority value is 27/100 .
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  • Drumob.org has .org extension.
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Drumob.org traffic stats

Unique Visitors

Daily Unique Visitors 139
Monthly unique Visitors 4,170
Unique visitors per year 50,735

Page views

Daily Page Views 1,042
Monthly page views 31,260
Page views per year 380,330

About the domain

Drumob.org is a 10 letter domain.

Content analysis - Drumob.org

Page title

DruMob | Drupal.org



Miscellaneous meta tags

  • Name: HandheldFriendly
    Content: true
  • Name: viewport
    Content: width=device-width
  • Name: MobileOptimized
    Content: width
  • Name:
    Content: 2016-11-11T20:15:05+00:00
  • Name: description
    Content: Introduction DruMob is a mobile application theme. It is highly customizable Drupal based theme, allows you to insert mobile optimised toolbars, side menu and mobile header into your Drupal instance.
  • Name: generator
    Content: Drupal 7 (http://drupal.org)

Character counter

Text length: 4409

Most used words

  • drupal 49
  • view 15
  • theme 11
  • download 10
  • org 9
  • drumob 9
  • mobile 8
  • documentation 7
  • search 6
  • project 6
  • ago 6
  • community 6
  • security 6
  • module 5
  • commits 5

Most focused words

  • drupal 21
  • theme 10
  • view 10
  • drumob 8
  • search 6
  • download 6
  • ago 6
  • documentation 6
  • project 6
  • mobile 6
  • all 5
  • module 5
  • commits 5
  • community 5
  • settings 5

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There is 1 image per every 0 words.


Number of images: 0
0 missing "alt" attributes!
  • Img src: /sites/all/themes/bluecheese/images/icon-w-menu svg
    Alt text: Main menu
  • Img src: drupal org/sites/all/themes/bluecheese/images/icon-w-user svg
    Alt text: Log in, view profile, and more
  • Img src: drupal org/files/drupal-wordmark svg
    Alt text: Drupal
  • Img src: drupal org/files/styles/grid-3/public/project-images/default_drumob png?itok=1ob5P-O6
    Alt text: Default Colors
  • Img src: drupal org/files/styles/grid-3/public/project-images/RTL_DruMob png?itok=MNc2WAZ9
    Alt text: Right to Left Support
  • Img src: drupal org/files/styles/grid-3/public/project-images/apple_store_1 png?itok=_u5ekE5i
    Alt text: DrubMob on Apple Store
  • Img src: drupal org/files/styles/grid-3/public/project-images/googleplay_store_2 png?itok=R324hIFd
    Alt text: DrubMob on Google Play Store
  • Img src: /files/project-images/googleplay_store_2 png
    Alt text: Google Play
  • Img src: /files/project-images/apple_store_1 png
    Alt text: Apple Store
  • Img src: /sites/all/modules/drupalorg/drupalorg/images/chart-black svg
    Alt text: chart icon
  • Img src: /sites/all/modules/drupalorg/drupalorg/images/shield-icon-black svg
    Alt text: shield
  • Img src: /sites/all/modules/drupalorg/drupalorg/images/shield-icon-black svg
    Alt text: Stable release covered by the Drupal Security Team
  • Img src: /sites/all/modules/drupalorg/drupalorg/images/shield-icon-black svg
    Alt text: Stable release covered by the Drupal Security Team

Text/Link Ratio

There is 1 link per every 13 words.

Text links

There are 36 links.
  • Href: /home
    Title: Drupal org home page
  • Href: /download
    Title: Download and Extend Drupal
  • Href: /community
    Title: Drupal Community
  • Href: /documentation
    Title: Drupal Documentation
  • Href: /support
    Title: Support for using Drupal
  • Href: jobs drupal org/
    Title: Drupal Jobs
  • Href: /drupal-services
    Title: Buy Drupal Products and Services
  • Href: /
    Title: Drupal
  • Href: /u/nahedh
    Title: View user profile
  • Href: drupal org/project/drumob/releases/8 x-1 0
    Title: View release notes
  • Href: drupal org/project/drumob/releases/7 x-1 1
    Title: View release notes
  • Href: /u/3ssom
    Title: View user profile
  • Href: /u/nahedh
    Title: View user profile
  • Href: /u/stefan_tachev
    Title: View user profile
  • Href: drupal org/planet
    Title: News from Drupal community members
  • Href: drupal org/social-media
    Title: Drupal on social media
  • Href: drupal org/security
    Title: Advisories from the security team
  • Href: jobs drupal org/
    Title: Drupal Jobs
  • Href: drupal org/getting-involved
    Title: Learn how to contribute to the Drupal project
  • Href: drupal org/drupal-services
    Title: People and organizations offering Drupal services
  • Href: drupal org/training
    Title: People and organizations offering Drupal training
  • Href: drupal org/hosting
    Title: Organizations offering Drupal hosting
  • Href: groups drupal org/groups
    Title: groups drupal org
  • Href: events drupal org
    Title: Upcoming and past DrupalCons
  • Href: drupal org/dcoc
    Title: Drupal code of conduct
  • Href: drupal org/documentation
    Title: Documentation for working with Drupal
  • Href: api drupal org/
    Title: Drupal API reference
  • Href: drupal org/project/drupal
    Title: Download the latest version of the Drupal software
  • Href: drupal org/project/project_module
    Title: Download add-on features and functionality
  • Href: drupal org/project/project_theme
    Title: Download pre-designed styles for Drupal
  • Href: drupal org/project/project_distribution
    Title: Download a pre-packaged Drupal site
  • Href: drupal org/about/accessibility
    Title: Our committment to accessibility
  • Href: drupal org/association
    Title: About the Drupal Association
  • Href: drupal org/drupalorg
    Title: About Drupal org
  • Href: drupal org/terms
    Title: Drupal org terms of service
  • Href: drupal org/privacy
    Title: Drupal org privacy policy


There are 6 javascripts.
  • https://www.drupal.org/files/advagg_js/js__79M6UrZjAw3oNGnUjsWip12JsvnUZmJGA3h9LI0kuzE__LqE6uSZqCOZhJYW910TDw_HTQzBKUPTZxunfaWkalq8__zGbh0Vkd6-Upw_meABdy9qwehpIxfCh8fKwHkW793IE.js
  • https://www.drupal.org/files/advagg_js/js__H5AFmq1RrXKsrazzPq_xPQPy4K0wUKqecPjczzRiTgQ__ZHqvWr-79k4Y5DRTd0KcuNHgFp9UJZlb3B0Bi5eGu3M__zGbh0Vkd6-Upw_meABdy9qwehpIxfCh8fKwHkW793IE.js
  • https://www.drupal.org/files/advagg_js/js__W3HVetagCYpKE0fh-1m9ldkYrnM7EKUfayUOkYfG5ns__zvhQC45y1YkSDNGwJnF9rLdIUVh8wr2htBb32__TNEk__zGbh0Vkd6-Upw_meABdy9qwehpIxfCh8fKwHkW793IE.js
  • //www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js?ow613p
  • https://www.drupal.org/files/advagg_js/js__dTRSuW27RiJte-z_L4Px_rno5dZsdWKiU3HtuBiTSmc__RPUH1Pa_09kAZ8D2-aMQ-HwAGT4k3LEND1qRE2SEZHM__zGbh0Vkd6-Upw_meABdy9qwehpIxfCh8fKwHkW793IE.js
  • https://www.drupal.org/files/advagg_js/js__M759EiwjPszL-zSGQkBhRj_aQ7LFUvglsF39lQ--K0g__2zzn1RoDaX_ZjR6XuCyOzZZtXsBQ8HiuF6r8v9vrDV0__zGbh0Vkd6-Upw_meABdy9qwehpIxfCh8fKwHkW793IE.js


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