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Rcmd-eg.org is a 11 letter domain.

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    Alt text: Local Conflicts Program
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    Alt text: Transitional period issues
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    Alt text: Institutional reform Program
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    Alt text: Organizing Public Policies Workshop in Sharm El-Sheik
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    Alt text: Holding a Seminar About Political Parties and Public Policies
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    Alt text: Summary Report: Qena Religious and Tribal Conflict Transformation Project
  • Img src: /en/cache/mod_news_show_sp2/nssp2_thumbs/102/d063d8b7c1471349d2847c26ce4e4d8c_XL jpg
    Alt text: Developing a New Regulatory Act for the Egyptian Parliament through a Dialogue Process
  • Img src: /en/cache/mod_news_show_sp2/nssp2_thumbs/106/5288462d048e0d3f60f64bb84cff6df4_XL jpg
    Alt text: Holding a Seminar About Political Parties and Public Policies
  • Img src: /en/cache/mod_news_show_sp2/nssp2_thumbs/106/f0ba2bfd8f936a77d3b146acfe9443c7_XL jpg
    Alt text: Organizing Public Policies Workshop in Sharm El-Sheik
  • Img src: /en/cache/mod_news_show_sp2/nssp2_thumbs/106/56dab2b3675237b0ba79395c67ee9ae4_XL jpg
    Alt text: Tanaghom Online School for Dialogue and Coexistence
  • Img src: /en/cache/mod_news_show_sp2/nssp2_thumbs/104/ce7646a74c54cecf1c05442c71f02147_XL jpg
    Alt text: Regional Summer School ‘Tanaghom’ for Conflict Transformation in Bangkok
  • Img src: /en/cache/mod_news_show_sp2/nssp2_thumbs/104/47674e109b85ae6495880f2604f34f58_XL jpg
    Alt text: Summer School for Conflict Resolution, Cairo University
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    Alt text: Political Parties and Public Policy
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    Alt text: Producing Self-criticism Manual in Cooperation with Al-Ahram Center
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